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ID Information
   As some of you may know, the CCFL requires...
Roster Certifications & Trainings
   Coaches/ Admins: As in previous years,...
Coaches/Manager Binder
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ID Information

As some of you may know, the CCFL requires all football players to have Identification in order to certify rosters.  For Pitbull through 8U a CCFL ID is required, these can be purchased and completed at weigh-ins for any age group. They will also accept a valid unexpired MVA ID card. If you have one, please make sure it does not expire before August 2, 2023 or if you do not have one and would prefer this type of ID, please apply for one through the MVA as soon as possible.  The MVA no longer issues ID cards at the facility; they will only mail them to you which could take up to two weeks to receive. All MVA IDs must be in your Coaches possession by early-August. If you have any questions, please contact a Sykesville Raiders Executive Board Member. 


MD Identification Cards: https://mva.maryland.gov/drivers/Pages/apply-id-card.aspx


Online renewals for minors are not accepted, these customers must be processed at an MVA branch office locations.

New IDs:

If you are applying for your first Maryland Identification Card, the document guide at help you determine the documents you must present when coming to the MVA. You may also schedule an appointment to come to the MVA after you complete the document guide.

  • Sample Documents that you’ll need.

  • Proof of Age and Identity (ie. Birth certificate or US Passport)

  • Proof of Social Security (ie. Original Social Security Card)

  • Proof of Residential Address (ie. Utility bill, mortgage/rent agreement)

The MVA is unable to issue any first time Identification Cards, if a customer does not have ALL of their required documents.


CCFL IDs require the Original Birth Certificate, or a Certified Copy with a Raised Seal, or Passport (Xerox copies, Hospital Notifications of Birth or Baptism Certificates will not be accepted.) These are usually around $30 and are good for two years.  

Roster Certifications & Trainings

Coaches/ Admins:

As in previous years, you will need the following training completed prior to your Roster Certification.  

  1. Signed CCYFCL Coaches Code of Conduct (yearly for everyone on the roster)
  1. Concussion In Sports Certificate: (yearly for everyone over 18 on the roster) https://nfhslearn.com/courses/concussion-in-sports-2
  1. Heat Illness Prevention Certificate: (yearly for everyone over 18 on the roster)  https://nfhslearn.com/courses/heat-illness-prevention-2
  1. USA Football Tackle Certificate (yearly for ONLY the Head Coach and one Asst. Coach)
    1. https://footballdevelopment.com/courses-certifications
    2. This will take you to the Youth Certification
    3. Select Tackle and then your age group
    4. The course is currently being offered for $15
    5. You will need to complete all 5 courses to receive your certification
    6. Once completed print out a hard copy of Certificate for Roster Certification
  1. Background Screening: (yearly for everyone over 18 on the roster)
    1. Confirmation of Carroll County Parks & Recs Requires yearly screenings online:  BACKGROUND LINK and select Freedom Area > Sport Coach/Coordinator.  


*Please reach out to your Area Director with questions*

Coaches/Manager Binder
Coaches/Manager Binder
*click the linked title for each form
1.  Contact Info
Raiders Contact info- Board and Coaches  
2.  Game Day Responsibilities
  1. Spotter Sheet
4.  Conduct  Waivers
  1. Parents Code of Conduct (signed during registration)
5.  Season Responsibilities
6.  Forms


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